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Custom Floor Framework Systems

NextPhase® JobPack™ 
Falmouth Lumber is the first yard in New England to offer the "
NextPhase™ JobPack Program" from Weyerhaeuser. This innovative precision cut package, frames floors faster, safer, and with less material waste than conventional framing methods.

Falmouth Lumber is a JobPack Certified Framer. Our associates are trained to use the JobPack floor framing packages to build better forms for your homes.


Falmouth Lumber Framing Systems

Hundegger Speed Cut Computerized Saw 
At the core of this program, is the 
Hundegger Speed Cut Computerized Saw. Falmouth Lumber recognized early on that the future of structural building materials suppliers was to be found in the value-added delivery of precision cut engineered lumber packages.


The Falmouth Lumber design team takes your architectural plans and enters all the pertinent information into a proprietary whole house design software program called Javelin®, developed by Trus Joist.

Falmouth Lumber Hundegger Speed Cut Computerized Saw
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