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Falmouth Lumber's large fleet of delivery trucks can get materials to any job site, when and where they are needed at usually no charge. Our continually expanding fleet includes:


  • Boom Trucks (with reach up to 60') allow us to effortlessly deliver shingles to a roof top, or sheetrock to upper floors of homes and apartment buildings, and of course deliver heavy and large building materials more securely, efficiently, and safely.

  • Moffett Forklifts mounted to our truck fleet, make deliveries more efficient and closer to your projects. At the delivery location, the driver has the ability to quickly unload the vehicle, travel over rough terrain or across developed landscape.

  • Flatbed Trucks make for efficient delivery of longer length materials, including dimensional lumber, engineered lumber, siding, trimboards, decking and more.

  • Closed Box Trucks are ideal for jobsite deliveries of windows, doors, mouldings and miscellaneous building materials.

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